In order to effectively convey your business or personal objectives, your logo, poster, flier, brochure, and all other visual communication must be designed with utmost taste and clarity that can only be accomplished by a professionally trained designer. The reason for this is simple: like any other craft, good design requires time, practice, expertise, as well as multi-faceted decision making under deadline pressure.   
With your input, I suggest colors and typefaces, I design the format and size for use with your project,  and I create multiple ideas (or variations) such that you can choose one that you feel confident in and proud of the final design.
John Floridis - October Surprise   / CD packaging design / Design & photography by Dariusz Janczewski
Jen Adams, Tom Catmull, John Floridis, Susan Gibson - Concert poster   / Design by Dariusz Janczewski

©2018 Dariusz Janczewski
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