AIGA (AIGA Seattle)
I joined American Institute of Graphic Arts in 2022 mostly to keep in touch with the design trends in the world. Yes, the organization is incredibly active and there are many events one can participate in each year! 
The American Institute of Graphic Arts.  https://www.aiga.org
from AIGA.org website:
AIGA brings design to the world, and the world to designers.

As the profession’s oldest and largest professional membership organization for design—with more than 70 chapters and more than 15,000 members—we advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force.

I joined ATypl at the beginning of 2023 after finding some very helpful videos by John Berry on the development of typography in electronic publications.
The Association Typographique Internationale - Atypl logo
The Association Typographique Internationale https://atypi.org​​​​​​​
from ATypl.org website:
ATypl The Association Typographique Internationale is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is democratically run by a board of directors elected by the ATypI membership.
ATypI was founded in 1957 by Charles Peignot (from the French type foundry Deberny & Peignot). Since then, we’ve held an annual conference for our members in a different global city every year. 
ATypI provides a structure for the type community to meet and act together. We not only preserve the culture, tradition, and history of type and typography, but we also:
• Promote contemporary digital fonts and support innovation in font technology
• Support and promote typographical education programs around the world
• Encourage outstanding typography and typographic design
• Present conferences, workshops, seminars, and other educational events
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