One of my favorite projects are maps. These are time-consuming and challenging assignments because they involve meticulous research, illustrative skills, and, of course, a strong graphic design acumen. 

Map from "Into the Gorge" by Rick Burton © 2023

The map above was created for a book titled Into the Gorge by Rick Burton. The book is a historical fiction adventure based on a true WWII story. It was published in 2023.​​​​​​​
Above, there are two maps that I recently designed for the biography of a mile run World's Record holder, and the iconic Tanzanian Olympic middle-distance runner, Mr. Filbert Bayi. The book, titled Catch Me if You Can, is featured on this website as one of my interior and cover book design projects. The assignment called for researching the part of African continent and creating two maps: one which shows the areas associated with the  runner's journey mentioned in the biography and other showing the parts of Tanzania where Mr. Bayi grew up and began his running career.

This FLAG! map is a 1950s postcards-style influenced, simplified map of Flagstaff, Arizona. It was created for the opening pages of the book titled Running Up the Mountain, by Matt Baxter and Ron Mann (2023). Created in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

This Adobe Illustrator-created map is of the 2012 Columbia (South Carolina) Marathon course. I was also assigned to create the event's half-marathon map as well as the race's medals, and commemorative t-shirts.

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