Now and then, I am asked to create an element of a book project which seems to be on the outside of a book designer's expertise, like, for example, a map which is to be used in a book. These past few months, I have had two such requests, which I gladly accepted. 
The first map was for the biography of a Tanzanian Olympic middle-distance runner from the 1970's, Mr. Filbert Bayi. The book was titled Catch Me if You Can and its design is featured on this website as one of my interior and cover book design projects. The assignment called for me to research the part of the African continent and create two maps, one which would show the areas associated with the  runner's journey mentioned in the biography and the other showing the parts of Tanzania where Mr. Bayi grew up and began his running career.

©2022 Filbert Bayi, and Myles Schrag of Soulstice Publishing (July 25, 2022)


I also created a map for a book in which I am not associated as neither an interior nor a cover designer. The map shown below is one of those projects — The map is a part of a book titled "Into the Gorge" by Rick Burton. It is a historical fiction adventure based on a true story and was published in 2023.

Map from "Into the Gorge" by Rick Burton © 2023

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