Logo design - $150 view portfolio
Book design (Interior) - $7 per page view portfolio
Book design (Cover) - $350 view portfolio
Professional journal template design - $250*
Magazine, newsletter, or booklet design (Interior) - $15 per page 
Typesetting** - $8 per page view portfolio
Web site creation (template-based, up to 10 pages, including Home page) - $400***
Other projects, not listed above - $70 per hour ****
Journal template design*
This applies to a brand new, or re-design, of a professional journal based on Chicago Style Manual formatting. If there is an existing, already designed, template, please see "Typesetting" listing on this page.

Inserting client supplied, newly created, content to an existing publication. Client must supply me with the template of the publication. If there is no existing template, please see "Journal template design" listing on this page.

Web site creation***
This service is for small businesses or individuals. Client must supply all text and imagery before the project commences.
Other projects****
Other projects may include: map design, medal design, brochure design, CD or DVD cover design, booklet or other publication design, signage design, and more. A good-faith estimate is issued before the hourly fee of $70 is applied to the project.
Estimated 50% down payment applies to all projects and must be issued before any work on the projects commences. 
Please fill-in the form below if you have any question related to my pricing structure.
Thank you!
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