"Meeting: A Young Jewish Man and Two Women in an Urban Alley" by Bruno Schulz, 1920

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Bruno Schulz was never an athlete. He was a sickly boy who didn’t participate in school sports and spent many months bed-ridden because of a weak heart and other health ailments. Thus, Bruno was a constant visitor to regional sanatoriums; be it in the nearby Truskawiec, close to his hometown of Drochobycz, or in the renown Tatra-mountain resort of Zakopane, a day-long train ride away. Bruno was a smart and studious boy and his grades (particularly in the subjects of Polish and math) were more than enough to make up for his physical shortcomings: he would help other students with their homework and, in turn, they wouldn’t bully him. For the bohemian groups of society, Zakopane was regarded as the Polish intellectual mecca, the place where artists and composers would gather to work and recharge their creativity. Bruno’s excursions to Zakopane were fruitful as he would meet and befriend many notable artists and writers of between-the-wars Poland. It was in Zakopane where Bruno Schulz first met Witkacy, who, besides being a recognized writer and artist, was also an avid outdoorsman.
The train from Drochobycz to Lwov was running late. Bruno was sitting on the platform’s bench feeling hungry. He had a cucumber sandwich with him that his mother had made him for lunch but it was still early morning. A large, black cardboard portfolio rested on the station’s platform next to him. The artist’s pencil drawings and a few cliché verres were neatly stashed in the portfolio two at a time and back-to-back, with the fronts of the coupled works separated from each other with translucent tissue paper. 
It was a cold March morning. Bruno’s freshly brushed suit and white shirt — the only ones he owned — were hidden under his heavy black wool coat which was neatly buttoned under his neck to protect this unimposing man from the elements of nature. His head was covered by a dark gray Fedora under which his deeply set brown eyes. But being hungry did not distract him from thinking about the objective of his trip: meeting with Witkacy. 

(This is only an excerpt from the story — for full version, please visit my Patreon site here)
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